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Distribution and habitats are similar for both species see below.

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See Venning for further descriptive information. Mesembryanthemum crystallinum is native to Europe and Africa.

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Mesembryanthemum nodiflorum is native to southern Africa. Mesembryanthemum crystallinum is found on wide range of soil types, from well-drained sandy soils including sand dunes , to loams and clays. It prefers acid, neutral or alkaline soils, but can tolerate nutritionally poor or saline soils Plants For A Future - Species Database, ; Australian National Herbarium, Canberra, It occurs in a range of vegetation communities, including saltmarsh, samphire flats eucalypt woodlands and shrublands Cunningham et al.

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Similar habitat preferences are exhibited by M. Abundance of M. Both species occur as scattered patches in a community Cunningham et al.

No species are recorded as particular associates for M. Associates species recorded on specimen labels in the Australian National Herbarium include chenopods including samphires , Muehlenbeckia sp. No specific data is available relating to cover, abundance or biomass. Mesembryanthemum species can form dense ground cover mats locally reaching high proportions of cover in restricted areas.

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  • After plant death, the salt leaches from the decaying plant into the surrounding soil. This increased salinity stops other, less salt-tolerant species from establishing see Physiological traits for more details. Mesembryanthemum crystallinum has a developmentally programmed switch from C 3 photosynthesis to Crassulacean Acid Metabolism CAM which is accelerated by salinity and drought Adams et al. The cold- and moderately salt-tolerant seedlings and juveniles display relatively high rates of vegetative growth by engaging in C 3 photosynthesis as long as soil moisture remains sufficient Bloom and Troughton, ; Winter et al.

    With the onset of progressive drought, the plant switches to CAM, which minimises water loss and ensures reproductive success in the absence of rain and in saline soils Winter, in Bohnert and Cushman, CAM prolongs the period of net carbon gain, resulting in enhanced seed production Winter and Ziegler, in Bohnert and Cushman, The plant dies from the root, progressively transferring resources towards the seed capsule Adams et al. Mesembryanthemum crystallinum accumulates salt throughout its life, in a gradient from the roots to the shoots, with the highest concentration stored in epidermal bladder cells Adams et al.

    The salt is released by leaching once the plant dies.

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    This results in a detrimental osmotic environment preventing the growth of other, non-tolerant species Vivrette and Muller, while allowing M. Root growth is retarded under salinity indicating that water uptake by the root system is not essential for plant survival at the late developmental stages under heavy salinity Kholodova et al. Mesembryanthemum nodiflorum is also a salt accumulator and adds salt to the soil after death Dale, cited in Ruff, Flowers open in the morning and close at night Smith, , and are insect pollinated Western Australian Herbarium, In Mesembryanthemum crystallinum , the magnitude of seedset depends on CAM and the size the plant has attained in its juvenile growth phase Adams et al.

    During seed production, older portions of the plant progressively senesce, die off and dry out. The developing seed capsules continue to sequester salt and produce viable seeds Adams et al. Seeds at the top of the capsule germinate immediately on imbibation while seeds at the base remain dormant for long periods in excess of four weeks Fukuhara et al. Some plants may survive another year if conditions are favourable Cunningham et al. In lab experiments five distinct growth phases have been identified for M.

    Under lab conditions the juvenile phase of M. Spacing: cm. Drought Resistant: True. Likes Acidic Soil: False. Containers: True. Hanging Baskets: True. Prefers Full Sun: True. F1 Variety: False. If you are dissatisfied in any way with their condition on arrival, please let us know within 14 days. We are only liable for the cost of the goods as quoted on the website plus the cost of delivery if the goods are faulty. Order online or call - 24hrs a day, 7 days a week For product or any other queries, please email Customer Services Customer Services call - am - 5pm, Mon-Fri.

    The promotional code:. Contact Us. Perianth segments , connate into tube, ovate, retuse and acute white, aging pink..

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    Filamentous staminodes and stamens not particularly numerous about 30 , nectaries shell-shaped, stigmas white, bladder cells of the receptacle especially prominent. Blooming season. Mesembryanthemum crystallinum flowers year-round, mainly from spring to summer. Flowers open in the morning and close at night, and are insect pollinated. Fruits: Capsules coarsely papillate,valve wings inflexed over the valves.

    Seeds: About , brown, rough with minute tubercles. During seed production, older portions of the plant progressively senesce, die off and dry out. The developing seed capsules continue to grow and produce viable seeds. Seeds at the top of the capsule may germinate immediately while seeds at the base remain dormant for long periods.

    Similar species: Mesembryanthemum nodiflorum is similar to M. It also posseses the distinctive bladder cells found in the latter species. This species is also very similar to Mesembryanthemum guerichianum. However, M.

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    Bibliography: Major references and further lectures 1 BY W. Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia, 28 Jan. In George, A. Australian Government Publishing Service, Canberra. In Harden, G. Aizoaceae, F-Z. Plant and Cell Physiology 38 3 : — Andrew C. Cultivation and Propagation: Mesembryanthemum crystallinum is a very ornamental plant, occasionally cultivated for its edible leaves. It is easily grown. Soil: It grows well in an ordinary well-drained garden soil but thrives in a wide range of soil comprising light sandy , medium loamy and heavy clay soils, prefers well-drained soil and can grow in nutritionally poor soil.

    Suitable for both acid, neutral and basic alkaline soils and can grow in saline soils so long as it is in a sunny position.