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Face to Face - Evelyn Waugh - 1960

But the major names of English novelists from the last century—Conrad, D. A crude but acceptable way to characterize the two Waughs is by the prevailing style of each phase. The voice of the early novels is detached, delighting in the outrageous behavior of his characters, brisk, offbeat, full of mocking and parodic sentences. It presents a world whose foundation should be the truth of Catholic Christianity but more often denies or neglects what really matters in human life.

Edmund Wilson was the first critic who drew a sharp line between early and later Waugh by vastly preferring the early. Her emphasis can be seen in the number of pages devoted to later rather than earlier Waugh, roughly for the later, for the earlier.

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The latter she finds underrated in comparison with its predecessors, and she is right to pick out the great comic sequence about the displaced children, the Connollys, whom Basil Seal brilliantly palms off on unsuspecting neighbors; then when they prove ghastly, makes money by taking them back and beginning over. There is tradition behind the Bollinger; it numbers reigning kings among its past members. At the last dinner, three years ago, a fox had been brought in in a cage and stoned to death with champagne bottles.

What an evening that had been! They have to be accepted in their diversity, metamorphosis, movement, as true embodiments of a fast changing world. In a way, he is just the right product of the age and the social milieu that created him, a warped paradisiacal prison shimmering under the white moon of a warm Tennysonian night.

Evelyn Waugh, Alvin Lustig [Dust Jacket]

One day, she suddenly disappears, returning with a rubber jaw replacing the former beard that had made Plastic fall in love with her. Distraught, he sets his prison on fire and, uncaught, he absurdly becomes a successfully rehabilitated inmate instead of being condemned.

Evelyn Waugh: New Directions

It is replaced by an unnatural mask which is as hideous as the smirking face given to Frank Hinsley at Whispering Glades in The Loved One. The Tennysonian dream was just a broken promise, there is no chivalry in Satellite City and it only seems just right that the man it created should be the one that destroys it, burning a past that is not able to rise, Phoenix-like, from its ashes.

When outrage triggers laughing or horror or the horror of laughing at something so outrageous , the reader recovers objective judgment, freedom and independence from the hero.

It proved to be his cigarette lighter, a most uncertain apparatus. He marries the bland Miss Flower and the hymen will be literally consumed by his pyromaniac madness. Dance and art are her sole reasons for living.

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Not only did the operation go wrong but she also got pregnant. Her sudden disappearance to get rid of her baby shows her refusal to be artistically, sentimentally and socially alienated. She is a parodic Christ-like figure, a Christ deprived of his beard also an ambiguous symbol of virility for a gracious dancer.

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Quotes, allusions, hypotexts are products or traces of a declining culture: they commemorate it, make it survive and circulate from one book to the other. However, these borrowings also underline the way modern barbarism steals from tradition and distorts it. The fictitious world seems to look like the real world, but time gaps underline barbarism. The text also unchains the reader from these contexts by projecting him onto the fictional scene. Fiction cathartically frees the reader and places him in a state of aesthetic freedom and judgment Jauss , These principles and aesthetic criteria stand erect against modern experiments that undermine the foundations of the English pictorial tradition.

According to Waugh the eye is the main organ that allows man to apprehend the world and judge of the aesthetic quality of a work of art. Sight is a civilised medium as opposed to hearing, a corrupted sense that can only allow us to perceive the thunderous disorder of the world.

Evelyn Waugh New Directions 1st ed. 1992

The novelist argues in favour of balanced proportions inspired from antique values. Even in parody, measure, harmony and balance are preserved in order to renew with tradition. They appear and disappear as the pages are turned, and convey a particular cadenza to the eye movement, de-centring the message and morale of the novella. Satire, as a way of prospection and introspection, appears in the gap between the classical feature of the illustrations and the futuristic temporality of the novella. In Love Among the Ruins , the profusion of literary and artistic allusions as well as the abundance of historical and religious references ironically counterpoint the idea of a decadent culture and the destruction of literary tradition.